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Solid State Rectifier Replacement for 5AR4/GZ34, 5U4, and 5Y3


This is a plug-in replacement for 5AR4, 5U4 and 5Y3 rectifier tubes in amplifiers with a center tapped secondary power transformer. It can be used when less "sag" is desired in the power supply, resulting in a more transient signal with less compression. It is also a more reliable and cost effective replacement for a tube rectifier tube. It will increase the B+ voltage of the amp by as much as 50 volts or so depending on the circuit, so modifications are usually necessary in order to use this. Please consult our sales staff or your amp tech before buying or using to discuss your particular application.

PLEASE NOTE! This should be used with a standby switch, which will allow the tubes in the amp to heat up before applying the supply voltage. If your amp does not have a standby, do not turn it up or plug in an instrument for at least 2 minutes after power-up. This will help to prolong the life of your power tubes. If you have questions about amp compatibility, please contact us before buying or using.

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