Tolex Cabinet Covering, Blue Bronco

Tolex Cabinet Covering, Black Bronco

American made tolex cabinet covering for amplifiers, cabinets and other projects. Available in two widths, 18" and 36". All tolex is sold by the yard in continuous lengths. Please measure your cabinet carefully as there are no returns on tolex as it is cut to order.
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Tolex cabinet covering made by the leading US manufacturer provides the exact same material to many major manufacturers. Available in two widths, 18" and 36". All tolex is sold by the yard in continuous lengths.

We have carefully photographed this material under daylight lamps with a professional camera, but we do NOT guarantee that it will look exactly the same as it does on your computer monitor, monitors vary in how they show colors and the material from the manufacturer may vary.

Always measure carefully to assure you get enough material. Please note widths of new material vary about 1/4", so it will be between 17 3/4" and 18 1/4". It is the buyer's responsibility to determine the correct size of material they need, we do not accept returns because every piece is cut to order.

The easiest way is to add up the length of the top, bottom, left and right sides. Most amp combos are about 12" deep. The additional width is used to wrap around the front and back of the cabinet, leaving a finished look all the way around.

It is the buyer's responsibility to determine the best way to install this product for their particular application, but this is our general recommendation with which we have had a lot of success:

1. Begin by first removing all the handles, feet, and other hardware such as tilt-back legs.
2. Remove the old covering. How easily it comes off depends on the age of the cabinet and the glue used by the manufacturer. You may need to use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm it up a little. Do not use too much heat or the covering itself will melt. A paint scraper works best to loosen the edges, then just pull firmly to remove the rest. keep the pieces around as they are helpful in determining how to cut the new covering.
3. You may want to sand the cabinet smooth if the old glue is thick or irregular. When sanded, wipe the cabinet clean with a slightly damp rag to remove all dust.
4. Cut the new covering to the appropriate size with a scissors. If you're unsure of the cutting process, make a template out of newspaper first. Make sure the covering fits by dry-fitting it.
5. Apply a water-based contact cement and carefully apply the covering to the cabinet starting at one edge and working your way around. Use a small paint roller to get out any bubbles and work your way around the cabinet.
6. Let it dry for at least 48 hours before re-installing hardware or moving the cabinet.

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RoHS Yes
Manufacturer Part Number DRES-BNC-BK
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